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About Us

My name is Dennis Rosemond and I am the owner of Safer Solutions and SaferSolutionsOnline. I would like to welcome all new and returning customers to my Personal Safety, Home Protection, and Surveillance Equipment Onlie Superstore. Here you will find top quality and highly effective home protection devices, non-lethal self defense gadgets, surveillance equipment and many other products that can/will save you and/or your loved ones from hurt, harm or danger.

I stumbled across these products one day in class after an accounting assignment my sophomore year in college. After browsing through the catalogs reading the descriptions and uses for each item I instantly wanted to figure out a way to present them to my family, close friends, and possibly to the community. I felt inclined to inform as many people as possible that they could have access to these personal and home protection necessities as well. After making several purchases for myself I decided to dig deeper into the business side, being that I was a business major about to soon become a young business owner a little over a year before graduating. It wasn’t long before I found what I was seeking and became an official Authorized Dealer of Self Defense and Security Products in 2003.

In the beginning I carried catalogs to show and give to my potential customers and later featured the hidden cameras and diversion safes in my barbershop/storefront in Memphis, Tn. Between then and now I continued to purchase and utilize the products in my homes and businesses. It’s one thing to exercise the 2nd Amendment but when I really thought about it I realized that I was only partially equipped to protect my homefront and my family from potential dangers- especially in my absence. I needed to feel that my family and my property were as secure as I could possibly keep them. Afterall, this was my responsibility and it gave me additional peace of mind. I feel much better knowing that I took the additional measures-especially in this day and age with all of the tragedies happening more frequently and often than ever.

Eventually, I grew to thrive off of having knowledge, having access, and ultimately posessing exclusive things that the majority of the public still remain clueless about today. When the opportunity presented itself to provide the community with an additional way to protect themselves and their loved ones throughout operating this very profitable business in the process, I absolutely HAD to take advantage. Please feel free to leave us feedback and testimonials about your experiences with our products. Thank You and again Welcome to Safer Solutions. 4:02 PM 6/30/2020

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